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Practice Areas


Do you have questions about making sure your assets go where you want them to go after you pass away?


Do you have questions about who will help manage your affairs if you become unable to handle them for yourself? 

Laurie can help you clearly state your instructions for who will help you if your health declines, and for final disposition of your property after you die.



Have you been charged with the task of making sure someone else's assets go where they are supposed to go? 

Are you concerned that your family members will disagree about your estate?

Laurie can help you decide whether probate is necessary for your loved one's estate, prepare and file all the necessary documentation, and so much more. 



Are you concerned about the custody of your child or of another child in your family?

Has Children Services stepped in and you need advice on how to deal with caseworkers and case plans? 

Laurie will work to help you navigate the confusing child welfare system and find the best solution for your family.